Kids’ song of the week : Kristin Kellner – Obstacle Course

I am so excited to be featured this week over at On A Good Day! Yay, Obstacle Course. Whoo, Whoo, Whoo!

On a Good Day

A really fun track featured this week from Kristin Kellner. Her Obstacle Course album excellently covers a variety of musical styles and subject matters, but the opening title track is my particular favourite.

It’s a lyrically entertaining tale of children exploring an adventure playground, and has the energy and chaos to match the subject matter. What really makes it great though is the twangy guitar riff and repeated whoo-whoo-whoos of the chorus. Enjoy!

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See You Soon San Francisco

Hello dear friends! You may have noticed that it has been very quiet over here at KK Music Headquarters for quite some time now. That is because I have just completed a huge and lengthy transition of moving from San Francisco to a small town in Santa Barbara County. With so much going on plus a lot of uncertainty and stress, it was difficult for me to focus on sharing my music with my wonderful fans. But my guitar is finally out of it’s case and it’s time to start rockin’!

I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures in SB County as I explore the area and hopefully find lots of inspiration for new songs! In the meantime I would like to say a huge thank you to all my friends and fans in the Bay Area for your support over the years. I have had the most fun performing Obstacle Course all over the Bay Area and rockin’ out with your little ones.

I have shared this video before but it seems appropriate to share again with it’s San Francisco theme. I love you SF! I definitely left a piece of my heart with you. Keep rockin’ and see you soon.