Music Joy #1 – My Son Singing a Song I Wrote

Blogging doesn’t come easily to me so I’ve made a prompt for myself to encourage writing. I’m calling it “Music Joy” and each post will be about a joy I experience through playing children’s music. The joys will be in no particular order. I will share new joys as I experience them as well as joys I recall from the past. Here goes…

Music Joy #1 – My Son Singing a Song I Wrote

This has happened many times and is always such a treat. The most recent occurrence was yesterday while playing at the beach. Owen was all suited up in his wet suit (the one just like Daddy’s) and was squealing and grinning from ear to ear from the moment his feet hit the water. He was having a great time chasing waves and digging in the sand with a little shovel. As he dug in the sand he sang:

    Out in the backyard
    Waiting for you
    Out in the backyard
    There’s playing to do

I smiled to myself and thought it was sweet but also appropriate as “Out in The Backyard” is a song about playing with a shovel and a pile of dirt. He sang those four lines then splashed deeper in the water to “surf” with Daddy. It was a special moment I will always remember.

Our afternoon at the beach was filled with many special moments. As we drove away I closed my eyes and smiled in gratitude; grateful for my family, our music, the sun, the waves and the sand.

Suiting up with daddy.

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