Obstacle-Course-edamameI’m Kristin Kellner, a singer, songwriter, guitarist and all-around music making mama. I love making up songs and jingles and singing whenever possible…la, la, la.
I used to write songs about broken hearts and love gone wrong; Obstacle-Course-tummy-timesongs filled with angst and minor chords. After meeting my husband all inspiration for writing jilted loves songs disappeared (funny how falling in love will do that). I had a serious case of writer’s block and I worried about my creative future. Then my son was born and music came alive again.

Now I write about trains and flowers and true love.Obstacle-Course-hearts
My son is my greatest inspiration, my biggest fan and my toughest critic (man, is he tough). He loves my songs (most of them anyway) and I hope you will too.

Obstacle-Course-rock-outI am recording an album of family music to be released in 2014. I hope to prompt family jam sessions and inspire budding musicians everywhere to pick up an instrument and ROCK!


Please say hello and let me know you are here. I’d love to chat with you.

Kristin Kellner Music: About

Me and The Critic practicing his “I’m not impressed” look.

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