First Listen: Puppy and Kitty

Recording is underway and we did a little mixing on a few tracks last week. Here is a first listen to a fun song about an unlikely friendship. A reminder to be who you want to be and to not get stuck behind stereotypes.

Fashion forward and breaking down stereotypes

© 2012 Kristin Kellner

4 thoughts on “First Listen: Puppy and Kitty

  1. “Puppy and Kitty” is a real cute children’s song, quite appealing to little ears, and adults as well. Just love it!

  2. The song is perfect ,not only for kids but for us adults who will be singing it, maybe to kids, maybe just because it’s a great song! And the picture of the kid with the upside-down pink sunglasses is a perfect fit for “be yourself”.

  3. I have played this several times now, and each time our pug Buddy hears it, he barks along! Another area of appeal! good job. J.

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